Who We Are

SpinalDecomp.com has been started by Dr. Robert Rosenberg for the express purpose of educating patients on conservative care options, particularly Spinal Decompression therapy, before they decide to undergo surgery.

With technology advancing at such a rapid rate, the medical industry has seen a boom in what they are able to do for patients, both medically and financially. What used to cost tens of thousands, sometimes even more, has become more affordable giving more people access to treatment they need.

Unfortunately, few people are aware of some of these options, though they have been gaining recognition amongst chiropractors and other doctors as of late. As you’ve probably guessed, spinal decompression therapy is one such option whose rise to public awareness has just begun.

In order to meet this lack of awareness and supply the public with the information needed to help make an educated choice, Dr. Rosenberg put together all the information he could gather into this one website, SpinalDecomp.com.

We would love to hear how this website has impacted your decision on surgery for your back pain.


Dr. Robert Rosenberg is a chiropractor currently practicing in Longwood, Florida. His office, Rosenberg Chiropractic, offers Spinal Decompression therapy.